Striving for excellence

MACMAR SHIP CHARTERING AND AGENCY combines industry expertise with passion for service to deliver ship broking and ship agency services to marine professionals and companies all over the world.

MACMAR SHIP CHARTERING AND AGENCY was established in 2002 with its main activity being ship brokerage in the dry cargo sector, by Nikos Paschalidis, a maritime professional with experience as a chartering broker and a holder of an MSc in ‘Shipping, Trade and Finance’ from London’s City University.

In 2005 MACMAR SHIP CHARTERING AND AGENCY has entered into a joint venture with C. Zinopoulou Ship Agency, the oldest established agency in the prefecture of Kavala, Greece, aiming to expand into this sector but also to be able to provide a complete shipping service to its clients which includes chartering and ship agency.

Our main aim has always been to provide a reliable and cost efficient service to our clients, by paying attention to detail and by striving to achieve the smoothest possible operation in each shipment.