Ship Chartering

In order to be able to develop in the fiercely competitive field of ship chartering, we always pay particular attention in providing a professional service, based on which, we can built long lasting relationships with our clients. At the same time we strive to stay ahead of developments, so that we are able to adjust and exploit new opportunities.

Throughout the years, significant ties have been developed with charterers of ships, ranging from trading companies with international presence, to smaller but well established merchants and factories, as well as with owners and operators of dry cargo ships of various sizes and types.

The main ship sizes that we concentrate on are:

  • Coasters which trade within the Mediterranean and Continent areas
  • Handysize and Handymax ships, which trade wordwide.

We cover our clients’ needs, using our direct contacts with principals, but also through a wide international network of shipbrokers, with whom we communicate and cooperate on a daily basis. We act both as owners’ and charterers’ brokers.

Depending on the type of each vessel and the specific requirements of each owner, we can offer all types of bulk, general and project cargoes.

We have some exclusive cargoes which include salt, timber and agricultural products. We also have very good and long lasting relations with traders of grains, fertilizers and scrap, both in Greece and abroad. Finally through our network of brokers we cover all segments of the dry cargo market, which enable us to find the most cost effective solution, tailor made to our clients’ needs.

Please keep us advised of the positions of your ships and we will propose to you the most suitable cargoes. We will also be pleased to receive your enquiry for a competitive freight quotation for transporting your cargo, from any port to any port around the globe!